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Gulistan, Bostan, Kareema
By:*Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 11 September 2015, 11:23 pm

My Dear Kids Sohail, Shazia, Shahzad, Fawad, Babar, Adil, Aisha :-)

I thought all was done - but:

Your Abbu now plans to translate three Persian classics of Sheikh Saadi Shirazi into ENGLISH for my cute grandchildren and their friends :-)


Please remember that these three classics are NOT confined for children only. People of ALL AGES enjoy them and learn from them.


Sharfuddin Muslehuddin Saadi Shirazi wrote GULISTAN (prose) in 1257 and BOSTAN (poetry) in 1258 CE. {He adopted Saadi from his teacher's name}

Sheikh Saadi, born and died in Shiraz, Iran, was one of the major Persian poets and literary men of the medieval period and all times.
Education: Al-Nizamiyya University of Baghdad (1195–1226 student, scholar & teacher)

"Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy."
"I fear God and next to God I mostly fear them who fear Him not."

Sheikh Saadi’s GULISTAN (Orchard in Persian) is one of the top classics of world literature.

GULISTAN, BOSTAN and KAREEMA were small and very interesting books beautifully written by the great sage, scholar and poet of Shiraz Iran, Sheikh Saadi Shirazi, d.1291 CE. The books primarily address children five to eighteen in an anecdotal, story-telling format. They do not belong to the RELIGIOUS category but their central literary theme never diverts from humanity, instilling moral values in young minds.

Most Muslim children of my generation read them in and out of our primary and secondary schools, at homes and neighborhoods in Iran, Pakistan and India. They were written in simple Persian along with Urdu translations.

Moral Principles: Found in most homes, these three little books had a significant impact on the morality of children, but only on those who truly read them.

Although counted among the greatest classics in the world, it is very unfortunate to see them disappearing before our eyes. NAY, WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO DISAPPEAR.






From Dr. Shabbir to shabbir: {Dr Shabbir is the author as our viewers and readers know, and shabbir, for clarity, is the person inside Dr. Shabbir }

Salaam! Hey, why don't you gather the courage to write a book along those lines? They will be great for your grandchildren and their friends and the next generations :-)

shabbir: OK, if I live in good health long enough :-)

Dr Shabbir: Well, they won't take more than a year. And you must bring forth the work in two separate volumes:

shabbir: OK, Dr. Shabbir! I trust you and myself. I can, and I must, do it because a good English translation does not exist so far.

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