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Tasbeeh Fatima [ra]
By:abdalazizariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 20 September 2020, 6:53 pm

Tasbeeh Fatima [ra]

One of the title of Hazrat Fatima [RA] is Zehra ( Venus ).

Is the following excerpt , the reason for the title of Zehra .?

“ Now every Mussulman carries a rosary with one hundred beads, the origin of which is connected with the marriage of Her Highness the Princess Fatima.

“Muhammad[as] had said he would only marry her to him on whose house the planet Venus descended. All the suitors were watching, and so was Fatima on that great night. When Venus left the firmament and paused above Medina she called out thirty-four times, * Allah ho Akbar, Allah is Great ' the planet then circled round Medina until thirty-three times she had exclaimed ' Subhan Allah, Glory to Allah ' ; and then it moved toward 'Ali's home and thirty-three times she called, ' Al hamd ul lillah, Thanks to Allah '. Then it stopped and congratulated him on his good fortune, and rescinded to its place in the firmament.”

The Shi’a of India by John Norman Hollister

page 16-where it ref. to page 135 of Glory of the Shia World.


Special Request : Who can help me find the above in a Shia book.

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