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Miserable Saudi Arabia & Islam
By:Jimmy Jamshaid, TX
Date: Sunday, 13 September 2020, 8:49 pm

"Three CHEERS not Chairs."

Whatever it is; "Miserable Saudi Arabia is the most boring/no freedom Country/Mega-massive Jail in the world." Only madmen would visit it. Too much Islamic Pakistan, comes second, with their; "Self-Created MISERY." FYI, Arab Islam has destroyed Muslims & Pakistan & all 57 useless Islamic Countries. Saudia is a total US slave.

"Religion is no business of the State"........... M.A. Jinnah

"There is no greater retrogressive force on earth than Islam"........Winston Churchill


Silly folks, 'cannot handle simple RAIN.' Did not build 'efficient drainage Systems'..........too busy praying & going religion-Crazy; But planning to fight Israel, the most powerful country in the world.