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Link Indian actions with Hindu jobs
By:Javed Rashid, Mirpur AK
Date: Saturday, 8 August 2020, 11:32 pm

Creating Linkage between Indian actions against Muslims and removal from the employment of Hindus from Muslim lands


The idea is to create a linkage between Indian actions against Muslims and Kashmiri and for each fatality 10 Indians should be removed from service or deported from Muslim lands. Arab elite reactions sometimes back against Islam phobia got immediate results. The Indian took notice and started to discourage such behavior, although this did not change the Indian behavior it only made the Indian more careful. The brazen, arrogant, and disgusting campaign against Muslims n India was toned down and muted a bit.

The Task:

We need to create a linkage between Indian brutalities that result in fatalities (in India and Indian Occupied Kashmir) with Indians losing their jobs in the Muslim world.


The task will be managed by Naina Bhat: Others including myself will assist Naina in this task . Soraya and Claire are heavily loaded elsewhere and will hopefully join us for say monthly reviews. Naina will need to attract more volunteers to join her.

I suggest that initially.

1. The team leader should go through this and give us his final version of the task ( others are welcome to comment and or provide suggestions )

2. . Assign tasks to all those whose emails are given below

3. A good leader always prepares a second in command who can take over, say if ( actually when ) Naina will take up more challenging tasks

4. My suggestion is that you use the hash tags on twitter : #IslamoPhobia_In_India #DeportIndiansFromMuslimLands, I suggest this because we wish to make the deport Indians hash tag popular on Twitter and the Islamo phobia hash tag as this was and is still used by the Arab elite . This will give you access to people who have already expressed similar sentiments before.

5. The Arab reaction to Indian actions is described at: https://javedrashid.blogspot.com/2020/04/gcc-and-arab-support-for-indian-muslims.html, this description is not complete, I will provide you with updates presently. The idea should be to obtain: twitter handles of those who have expressed similar sentiments; obtain face book ids and try and request friendship; obtain email addresses. (My twitter handle is @Javedrashid)