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Hajj by Ibn Battuta, Begum Bhopal, Mohammad Asad &
By:Dr. Aslam Abdullah, CA
Date: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 8:10 pm

Hajj by Ibn Battuta, Begum Bhopal, Mohammad Asad and Malcom X

Salam Alaikum,

I published the following articles on Hajj, its significance, the travelogue of important people, the essence of sacrifice and the challenges that we all face in a changing world. I hope you would find it useful. It includes travel diaries from Ibn Jubayr, Ibn Battuta, Begum Bhopal, Mohammad Asad and Malcolm X. It also has an article on the founding pillar of Hajj, Mother Hajira. I am taking the liberty of sending links to all the Hajj articles. Please have a look at it if you have time.

Limited Hajj 2020


The Essence of Hajj


Mother Hajira is Mother Hajira


The significance of the first ten nights of Zil Hijja


Can we give charity instead of sacrificing animals during the Eid ul Adha


The Hajj: Step by Step


Ibn Jubayr’s travels to Makkah


Mohammad Asad’s Road to Makkah


Malcolm X Journey to Hajj


Hajj: The Important events


Begum Bhopal’s journey to Makkah


Ibn Battuta’s journey to Makkah


Contemporary Challenges to the spirit of Hajj


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Hajj by Ibn Battuta, Begum Bhopal, Mohammad Asad &
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Hajj by Ibn Battuta, Begum Bhopal, Mohammad As
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