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Age of Hazrat Khadija [RA]-25-28 OR 40
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 4 August 2019, 8:15 pm

The following is the link to the English translation of Tahqeeq Age of Hazrat Ayesha [RA].

Whatever documents Allama Habibur Rehman had available, he used it . But Dr. Saheb -Life Loooong Student had more documents available to him , which showed that Hazrat Ayesha [RA], was sister of Hazrat Abu Bakar [RA]. A widow and 48 years old.

In the following book pages 139 thru 144, Allama Saheb was shocked to find the age of Hazrat Khadija [RA] [ a widow ], was 25.[ when she got married to the Exalted Messenger [AS].

Allama Tammana Imadi has reached the same conclusion, but the age is 28 years. I have the book in Urdu.



Age in Marriage to Prophet Muhammad (AS)

Historians mentioned different ages for Khadija (a), when she married Prophet Muhammad (s), from 25 to 46. Most of sources stated that Khadija (a) was 40 years old when she married the Prophet (s). Ibn al-Mas'udi accepted the possibility of other ages (than 40 years old) for Khadija (a) in her marriage with Muhammad (s). Analyzing the exact age of Khadija (a) at the time of her marriage with Prophet Muhammad (s) is difficult. If we consider that their marriage lasted for 25 years, from 15 years before bi'tha (593 CE) to 10 years after bi'tha (618 CE), and the age of Khadija (a) when she passed away was 65 or as al-Bayhaqi said 50; therefore, we can conclude that Khadija (a) was either 40 or 25 when she married Prophet Muhammad (s). If we consider the age of Khadija (a) 50, when she passed away, then she married Prophet (s) at the age of 25, which is accepted by some of the researchers. Since this statement is not common, its acceptance would seem difficult. However if we consider that al-Qasim, Khadija (a) and Prophet's son, had passed away after Bi'tha, it means Khadija (a) was 55 when al-Qasim was born, which is unacceptable and improbable. In addition, if we consider the situation and status of Khadija (a) among Quraysh, it seems improbable that she would not marry until 40 years old; therefore, she should not be more than 25 or 28 when she married Prophet Muhammad (s).

Source : http://en.wikishia.net/view/Khadija_bt._Khuwaylid

Is the age of 40 has been shoved in our mind, to prove only one daughter and ignore the existence of other three daughters of the Exalted Messenger [AS].

Fake and cunning story tellers at their best.!