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Website helps those ready to leave Islam
By:Mubashir, Toronto
Date: Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 11:45 pm

Fed up with a version of sectarian Islam that is based more on hearsay [sectarian hadith collected 200 years after] than the Quran? BBC NEWS says:

How one website helps hundreds seek asylum

A website set up by a Saudi exile is helping other former Muslims to flee persecution in their Gulf homelands.
In some Arab countries ex-Muslims can be prosecuted for renouncing their faith, and in Saudi Arabia those convicted of apostasy may be sentenced to death.
Taleb Al-Abdulmohsen set up wearesaudis.net after he became an atheist and claimed asylum in Germany.
The site also helps ex-Muslims like "Dina" who want to escape abroad because they fear relatives will force them to marry.
You can find out more by listening to BBC Trending here


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Website helps those ready to leave Islam
Mubashir, Toronto -- Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 11:45 pm
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